Konzern technologies develops custom web and desktop .NET applications. We make the best use of the .NET framework to deliver complex enterprise and multiplatform solutions. A dedicated team of professional .NET developers will work to deliver custom .NET software for you. Our experts are professionally certified by Microsoft, so you know that your software will be in good hands. We make ample use of ASP.NET web application framework for building dynamic web sites and web applications. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) of ASP.NET allows our programmers to write the code using any.NET supported language, including VB.NET and C#.

Konzern technologies is one of the best offshare outsourcing company that has formed to serve as an ASP.net developer in India . Our highly skilled and experienced team provides the solutions of ASP.net, E-commerce, Design, Testing, Development, Website analysis, Implementations, maintenance and support to our clients.

ASP .NET Developers
C# Developers
VB .NET Developers

Our Technical knowledge includes :


MS Access
SQL Server 2000 & 2005


ASP.Net 3.5 - 4.0

Programming API

OLE and OLE Automation
Win Sockets

Web Servers

Windows (IIS)

Web Technologies

CSS (Style Sheet
VB Script
Web 2.0


Finding right talents for quality work in quick time
Affordable cost solution
Round the clock support service
Expertise on latest technologies
Quality Assurance
Confidentiality of Client Information

C# Developers

C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft as part of the .NET initiative, with a particular emphasis on simplification. It is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language intended to be suitable for writing applications for both hosted and embedded systems, ranging from the very large that use sophisticated operating systems, down to the very small having dedicated functions.

We provide c# developer, c# net programmer, net c# developer, c# software developer on full time, part time or hourly, contract to hire basis, you can hire c# developer or c# development team, senior c# developer or junior c# developer according to your custom web software development needs.

Our c# programmers are experienced in asp net c# programming, custom c# development, asp.net c# ecommerce development, dynamic c sharp web development, database management, net web design.

Our C# programmers have a minimum of 3-4 years of coding experience and exposure to ecommerce development with well heeled knowledge of transactional website development process. Moreover, our programmers are open minded and creative people who are always ready to explore new ideas that will add value to your project and deliver error free, dependable and user-friendly solutions.skilled c# programmer

Our C# developer works at remote/offshore location on full time basis, which is like your full time in-house employee, focusing just on your work. With the help of our resources, man-power & dynamic infrastructures, you can get the job done using your management techniques/ strategies and without getting into hassles of paying the salary, taxes, benefits, and other obligations like infrastructure cost, computers and software licenses as well.


Fast turnaround
Robust Infrastructure
Round the clock support service
Expertise on latest technologies
Quality Assurance
Confidentiality of Client Information

VB .NET Developers

The most popular Microsoft programming language, Visual Basic has undergone major changes with .NET; nevertheless, it is still the same favourite rapid application development tool for millions of programmers .

Some of the reasons why VB .NET is popular are :-

Visual Basic .NET is powertool from a design standpoint and from a run-time standpoint. With VB .net your traditional Windows programs and web applications are better than ever before and can be easily deployed

The main advantage in using VB.NET is its speed: it is easier and faster to develop. It does take a while to pick up, but development times will be shorter once you get it right.

It also does automatic conversions between types. Visual Basic .NET remains the fastest language for prototyping a new application.

From a programmer's perspective, one of the first things they'll notice about VB .NET is that it no longer uses the VB runtime. Instead, VB .NET shares a common language runtime (CLR) with a number of other languages, including Visual J#, C#, Managed Extensions for Visual C++, and Java script. All these languages provide direct access to the .NET Framework.

Our VB .net Developers has the extensive development experience and provides comprehensive web and desktop application development solutions.

Our VB.NET developer believes in completely understanding the different development needs and requirements of the clients. The developers in our company has the complete expertise in developing customized web application. Our developer is well qualified, professional, committed and providing affordable development services. Technical, analytical and creative skill is helping our developer to create business oriented solutions.

Our .NET Services

.Net Architecture and Design evaluation
Custom Control Development with .Net
.Net Application Development
Well Functionality Desktop and Web Application Development with .Net
Software Product Development Web Services based on .Net


What is Java?

Java, an advanced form of C++ tools, is one of the most influential programming languages. It is known as a trouble-free object model. The Java programming language is platform independent and its simplicity is the real reason of its popularity. This programming language has been used widely as a general-purpose programming language to develop websites and other web and mobile applications.

Scores of web developing activities are executed with the help of Java-product catalog, shopping cart solution, order tracking, content management, document management, etc.

Java Programming

To become a good Java programmer, one needs to invest a good deal of time and effort. An out-and-out expertise in the object-oriented program is also essential. So, when you are planning to hire Java programmers you should make sure that they possess scrupulous knowledge in all Java suits and languages, architectures and frame works, tools, database, testing, servers, and reporting. If you can find the Java Programmers proficient in the above areas, your search for a good Java programmer ends there.

At Konzern Technologies, we offer Java Programmers with maximum expertise and experience in Java Programming. We provide the Java 2 platform application development services that let you to reap the benefits of J2EE/J2ME web service development. Besides this, we offer J2EE mobile application development which is a much sought-after technology at the moment.

We make sure our clients get the benefits of all the available Java. Whether it is mobile application development or web application development, we promise the best in the industry. Konzern Technologiess team of Java Programmers is capable of executing any complex Java Programming and Developing projects.

We understand the immense possibilities associated with Java Programming. The J2EE Web Development Services permit a web owner to make good use of various web applications, and this can help his business prosper. J2EE mobile applications also play a significant role in mobile application development technology.

We have spent many years in the field of Java technology and other web and mobile application development technologies, and we are keenly aware of all the minute changes happening in the field of information technology. This helps us ascend towards the peak of technological expertise.

Konzern Technologies offers its clients the best Java Programmers with expertise as well as dedication. If you are looking for quick turnaround time and the best customer support, you can rely on us as we provide round-the-clock communication and tech support. We promise the best services at attractive rates.

Konzern Technologies Java Programmers Specialize in

Java Application Development
Java Web Development
Java Software Development
J2EE Development
Java Mobile Application Development/ Device Application Development
Web Application Development
Desktop Application Development
Java Embedded technology solution
System Programming Solution

The expertise of our Java developers includes:

Component: J2EE,J2ME, Beans, EJB, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, EJB, Web services, JSTL, JSF
Services: SOAP, XML, WSDL
Servers: Tomcat, IBM Web sphere, Oracle Application Server, JBoss, Apache, Weblogic
Open Source tools: Liferay, Alfresco, Compiere
Java Architectures: Spring, Struts, Tapestry
Solutions: Java Development Software, Application Development Java, Web Application Development, Desktop Application Development, System Programming Solution, Technology Solution Based on JAVA platform Java Components, Utility Class



Our PHP Programmers are highly skilled in:

PHP Programming Skills PHP 4.0, 5.0, SMARTY, PHPLib, PEAR, Web services, XML, XSL/ XSLT, PHP with FLASH, PHP-GTK, Expat, XMLLib, VBScript, JavaScript, JScript, C, C++, DOM, SAX, PHPUnit, Junit, SOAP (WSDL, WSML), Verisign Payflow, Apache 1.3/ 2.0, IIS5.0, Struts, Tomcat, Jboss, Web logic, Linux, windows 2000,
Database Skills MYSQL, Postgresql, MSSQL2000, Oracle, Sybase, MS Access
Design Tools UML, Visio 7.0, Rational Rose, Microsoft Project, Dot Project, Apache Frontendserver

Our PHP Programmers are experts in:

Application Development using PHP
Designing and Programming using PHP
Migration of applications to PHP
Harboring of Legacy applications to PHP based applications
Augmentation of existing applications in PHP

Our PHP programmers will do:

PHP Prgramming Services
PHP Web Development
PHP Shopping Cart
PHP eCommerce Development
Support and enhancement of existing PHP applications
Porting of legacy applications to PHP based application.
PHP Enterprise application development
PHP application integration services


Konzern Technologies is the leading Android app development company in Calicut.We can help you in developing custom Android apps. We had developed a broad range of Android apps from small business apps for companies, internally used business apps for enterprises with several thousand employees, and entertainment apps that have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Our Android apps development team consists of highly trained developers who have vast experience in the industry. Over the years the team has helped to design & develop several Android apps that have successfully met not just our client’s satisfaction but also industry standards.

Our team of industry experts is happy to discuss about putting your ideas in to work in Android and we offer the industry’s most competitively priced services.

Our complete Android application development services include

Develop Android applications

Android games development

Android web Application development

Android utility app development

Android business/eCommerce app development

Application Development Consulting

Custom Application Conception & Development

Application Design & Artwork

Application Testing and Quality Analysis

Third Party Devices Integration

Fast project start-up & tight delivery schedules